Why You Should Use Compression Socks After a Workout

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You will certainly want to use compression socks after a workout if you know the amazing benefits. You appreciate the “burn” that comes with a high-intensity workout if you’re like most fitness buffs. Pushing yourself is often the purpose of an exercise session, whether focusing on strength training, resistance exercises, or endurance activities.

Unfortunately, the high intensity we like is followed by muscle ache that we dread a few hours later. Some people may be sore to the point of canceling their next workout.

Most fitness enthusiasts understand that inconsistency is harmful to achieving any fitness goals. Therefore, they do everything possible to speed up the healing process. Compression and the various advantages of compression socks are part of that process. Before we get into it, what are compression socks? To find out, keep reading.

What are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are designed to squeeze the legs more than regular socks. The main aim is to improve blood circulation in the legs.

How Compression Socks Work

Compression socks can work in the following ways;

  • It increases circulation
  • Your heart is the organ that pumps blood that circulates throughout your body. It circulates oxygenated blood through your arteries, fingers, and toes.

It’s pretty easy for blood to reach your limbs, where your muscles and cells utilize the oxygen and nutrients in the blood, thanks to the heart’s powerful work. However, returning blood to the heart is much more challenging, especially if it has to flow up your leg against gravity. The further the blood from the heart, the weaker the pumping.

That’s why blood returns to the heart via veins with one-way valves that prevent blood from flowing back down. When your muscles (especially your calf muscles) contract during exercise, they can act as pumps, helping to return blood to the heart. 

Do you notice how your ankles swell after sitting on a bus or an airplane for an extended period? Your blood and fluid collect in your ankles and feet due to a lack of mobility (muscle pumping).

Graduated compression socks (tighter at the bottom, looser at the top) have improved blood flow and prevented blood pooling in the limbs. 

For athletes, this could mean that they can recover faster since they can get rid of waste products from activity faster, get more oxygen to their muscles, and have less swelling. Exercises can cause a bit of swelling due to trauma. Here why you should wear compressions socks after a workout.

It Aids in Lymph Drainage

Lymph drainage is also improved by wearing compression socks. Your lymph vessels transfer waste materials away from cells and discharge them back into the bloodstream, where they are expelled as urine. You can typically boost your recuperation and repair by improving your lymph drainage.

It Protects your Muscles

Compression socks have also been suggested to protect muscles during exercise by minimizing impact forces on the muscles. This helps to minimize exercise-induced inflammation, edema, and muscle damage. 

Wearing compression socks or tights appears to provide greater recovery advantages the more harmful the workout is. Strength training, for example, has been shown to have a considerably larger recovery impact than jogging or cycling.

Benefits of Compression Socks

Compression socks help you perform better during exercises and recover faster afterward in a couple of ways. Many people feel compression therapy is only beneficial for muscles that are damaged. It may surprise you that compression socks can also help painful, non-injured muscles.

Compression socks can aid in the recovery of weary, painful muscles following any exertion. Muscles in your feet and legs are more prone to swelling and poor circulation after exercise due to gravity and your heart working overtime during your workout. Many people believe that pain produces swelling, although it is the opposite. Swelling causes discomfort. Reduce swelling to relieve discomfort.


Muscle tissue is built by ripping it slightly. The muscle becomes denser and stronger as your body repairs the small tears. Improved blood circulation can help this process proceed more quickly. Compression socks enhance circulation, which helps your body’s natural muscle-building processes.

Shin splints and intense pain behind the shins are the most prevalent complaint among runners. You may tear your muscles excessively at times. When this happens, you’ll have a strain or sprain. 

Compression socks can help with shin splints and bruising. Compression socks can often be a beneficial complement to your treatment plan. The results are even better when compression socks are used with analgesics to reduce edema and promote healing.

What Size of Compression Socks Should I Wear?

It’s crucial to get a perfect size, so take accurate measurements of your legs. When swelling is the least, always measure your legs first thing in the morning. Remember to follow the sizing chart provided by the socks manufacturer.

Compression socks are often worn to help with leg swelling, discomfort, and blood circulation. Doctors and pharmacists typically offer them to persons with venous insufficiency or who want to minimize varicose veins.

Washing Compression Socks

  • Hand wash in lukewarm or cold water.
  • Machine wash in cold water on a moderate cycle.
  • For extra protection when washing in the machine, use linen or a mesh laundry bag.
  • Avoid washing in hot water.
  • Make use of a mild detergent.
  • Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.
  • Avoid dry cleaning.

Compression Socks: How to Dry Them

  • To air-dry, hang or lay flat.
  • Do not dry clothes in the sun or on a radiator.
  • Avoid using the dryer.
  • Avoid ironing

Compression socks are crucial in keeping you on track towards your fitness goals, whether your muscles are tight and weak or just weary after a workout. So using compression socks after a workout should be a top priority for every fitness enthusiast. Never skip a workout again because your muscles are too sore.

Whether you like no-show ankle socks or bolder, over-the-calf compression socks, we have a pair for you. Every month, we introduce new designs, so look through our large selection of colored compression socks. For more information, please fill out the contact form.


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