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Ningbo Sinoknit Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of socks. Our company is headquartered in Ningbo, one of the biggest ports in China and our factory is located in Zhuji, which is known as one of the biggest sock production centers in the world.

Our company has established a complete structure of material supply, production and sales since 2004. With more than 300 computerized socks knitting machines imported from Italy and Korea, we possess an annual production capacity up to 10,000,000 pairs of high-quality socks.

Adopting new and advanced materials, like 100% cotton, combed cotton, mercerized cotton, chemical fiber blended yarn and lycra, our products embrace more than 100 varieties, such as 96-needle, 108-needle, 120-needle, 132-needle, 144-needle, 168-needle, 200-needle slim socks, terry socks, cotton-yarn socks and woolen pants, which have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including Korea, Japan, the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.


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Why You Should Use Compression Socks After a Workout

You will certainly want to use compression socks after a workout if you know the amazing benefits. You appreciate the “burn” that comes with a high-intensity workout if you’re like most fitness buffs. Pushing yourself is often the purpose of an exercise session, whether focusing on strength training, resistance exercises, or endurance activities. Unfortunately, the high intensity we like is followed by muscle ache that we dread a few hours later. Some people may be sore to the point of canceling their next workout. Most fitness enthusiasts understand that inconsistency is harmful to achieving any fitness goals. Therefore, they do …

Why Everyone Needs Winter Fuzzy Socks

Why Everyone Needs Winter Fuzzy Socks

If you are an outdoor lover, you don’t have to miss enjoyable activities due to bad weather. The winter fuzzy socks keep you protected and warm while you spend time outdoors. The best fuzzy socks are made of high-quality 92% polyester and 2% spandex materials. Wearing winter fuzzy socks will keep your feet comfortable all day and help you unwind after a busy day. These socks are suitable for different occasions. Whether you are just lounging in the house, going on a date, or taking a walk, they are your perfect go-to socks for winter. Asides from keeping you warm …

waterproof running socks

What are Waterproof Socks

You’re probably wondering if you need waterproof socks. Yes, you do. Everyone does. These socks come in handy and can keep your feet safe and secure during various outdoor activities. This post will share what waterproof socks are, why you need one, the benefits, and how to care for your waterproof socks. Why do you need waterproof socks? The human feet contain many sweat glands. Keeping your feet dry when engaging in physical activities like hiking, walking, climbing, skiing, etc., is crucial. If you love the outdoors or have plans to go camping or hiking with your friends, then you …

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