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Ningbo Sinoknit Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of various kinds of socks. Our company is headquartered in Ningbo, one of the biggest ports in China and our factory is located in Zhuji, which is known as one of the biggest sock production centers in the world.

Our company has established a complete structure of material supply, production and sales since 2004. With more than 300 computerized socks knitting machines imported from Italy and Korea, we possess an annual production capacity up to 10,000,000 pairs of high-quality socks.

Adopting new and advanced materials, like 100% cotton, combed cotton, mercerized cotton, chemical fiber blended yarn and lycra, our products embrace more than 100 varieties, such as 96-needle, 108-needle, 120-needle, 132-needle, 144-needle, 168-needle, 200-needle slim socks, terry socks, cotton-yarn socks and woolen pants, which have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including Korea, Japan, the Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.



What are Yoga Socks

What are Yoga Socks

What are yoga socks The ground non-slip socks for yoga and fitness are mostly woven with moisture-absorbing materials, and some products are made of new quick-drying materials. The moisture absorption, quick-drying and durability are greatly improved. The traditional yoga socks use special-purpose hair-grabbing structure at the bottom, which can make the feet in the fitness exercise have the effect of buffering and shock absorption; the yoga fitness socks are endowed on the reverse side. The spot-like plastic point anti-slip particles can reasonably prevent the practitioners from slipping their feet when doing postures, and maintain the safety of the practitioners. Why …

according to Pantone

Can you dye yarn according to Pantone?

Yes, it is possible. But you need to know that there is a pantone fabric which differs from paper pantone (C and U). If we use the dye according to a pantone fabric, there will be a slight difference in colour due to the natural materials of cotton in comparison with paper pantone.

for you design

What makes the socks special?

EXPERIENCE DRY COMFORT The intelligent range of waterproof socks is designed for a multitude of outdoor uses: running, cycling, hiking, riding, fishing, hunting, and dog walking, and more… Our collection of socks delivers an unrivaled combination of comfort and warmth with an added unique benefit that conventional outdoor socks simply do not possess THREE LAYER CONSTRUCTION Socks utilize a three-layer bonded construction, with a waterproof breathable membrane sandwiched between a drip-dry outer layer and a comfortable inner layer

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