fitness socks

Fitness Socks

Natural Fitness Grip Socks

Comfortable and durable

The natural fitness grip socks are made from comfortable materials. They are long-lasting, relaxing, and easy to use for everyone. It is manufactured with combed cotton and silicone gel grips at the bottom.
The grip provides extra protection for users. You can feel the firm grip when standing on surfaces. It is highly beneficial for yoga lovers to master the true meaning of some yoga moves while feeling protected from a big fall.

Breathable material

Made from superior materials, users can enjoy comfort while wearing natural fitness grip socks. The mesh design reduces the moisture and eliminates the odor of sweat on the feet. It can be worn for an extended period without any discomfort. These socks can also help you maintain hygiene at the gym or yoga class.


It can be used for yoga, pilates, ballet, and fitness activities. The anti-skid frictions at the bottom make it safe and convenient to use.

Don’t lose your grip

Our natural fitness grip socks cover the heel and toe for maximum grip. This makes it ideal for everyday use and enhances performance during exercises.


These fitness socks protect your feet and ankles from dirt and blisters. Your feet are also protected from germ exposure.

Easy care and maintenance

It is easy to care for and maintain. The natural fitness grip socks can be washed in a machine and line dried or low heat in a dryer.


These grip socks have 2 sizes to choose from, making them suitable for many people. Medium women 9-12/ Men 7.5 -10 while the large women 12.5 -14, men 10.5-12.


Users can choose from a variety of bright colors and styles. It is produced wholesale within a short time. You can contact our team for your inquiries.

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