Top Features of Noble Equestrian Socks

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Noble Equestrian socks are an excellent combination with cowboy boots. They are exquisitely designed to support equestrian enthusiasts by optimizing performance.

Many horse riders suffer from blisters and sore feet from long hours of riding. However, you can enjoy your time outdoors with these pairs of socks. They are super comfortable and have other excellent features.

Fabric Composition

There are thousands of sweat glands in the feet, and as a result, it is prone to bacteria and foul odor. Riders can have an uncomfortable time riding with sweaty, smelly feet.

Noble equestrian socks offer riders so much, from breathability to comfort. Made from a blend of nylon, polyester, and spandex, riders can enjoy quality and durability.

Our riding socks have nylon as the base fabric due to their excellent wicking properties. Nylon is durable and allows the feet to dry out quickly without thinning out.

The polyester used also ensures that the feet are cushioned and given a softer, more comfortable feel. The stretchy nature of the noble equestrian socks ensures it stays in place while you ride.

Riders can enjoy amazing benefits when they use the noble equestrian socks

Stay-Up Technology

It can be a bit of a chore if you have to pull your socks up constantly. The stay-up technology ensures your socks are securely in place. There will be no need for readjustments while enjoying your ride.

Comfort and Performance

You can ensure the best fabric blend to provide comfort and enhance your performance. It is reinforced with a footbed to ensure durability and softness.

Full Arch Support

The arch gives you more protection and balance, which guarantees continued strength with every move.

Seamless Toe Design

This is one of the best parts of noble equestrian socks. It allows you to move freely without experiencing discomfort or irritation.

How to Identify a Good Riding Socks

If you are a rider, you must understand the importance of not compromising the quality of socks you use. Knowing what to look for in your riding socks can be beneficial whether you ride professionally or not.

The Welt

This is the top part of the socks. And while it may seem insignificant, it has two primary functions. It adds beauty and style to your socks, increasing aesthetic value.

It also helps to keep the socks in place. Noble equestrian socks use the welt positioned at the top of the socks with a double layer of knit fabric to hold the socks securely in place.


Ribs can be real or mock. Ribs are recessed vertical rows of stitches knit into the sock, ensuring the socks stay up without too much pressure on the legs.

The ribbed fabric is capable of contracting by itself when stretched. Noble equestrian socks can be bulk manufactured in real or mock ribs, depending on the buyer’s preference.


This is the part of the socks covering the top of your foot. Many socks are made with elastic knit throughout the circumference of the foot.

Toe Pocket

The noble equestrian socks are made with a toe pocket with the customer’s comfort in mind. Like the heel of the socks, the toe of the socks is knitted to provide a double layer.

Toe Seam

Noble equestrian socks are manufactured with high-quality knitting machines that close the seam’s toe directly on the machine. The toe closures are done with finesse that gives a smooth feel and prevents rubbing.

Arch of Socks

The design of the arch is done to provide additional support and keep the socks in place. It is knitted with elastic that runs through the arch and instep and around the circumference of the center of the foot.


This is the bottom part of the sole. Being the main point of impact, it absorbs the body’s entire weight. This is why we manufacture socks with densely cushioned soles to absorb the weight.


The heel is perfectly shaped to fit each foot and is sometimes made with thicker fabric for more comfort.

Types of Noble Equestrian Socks

The XtremeSoft Boot Socks

These socks are designed with riders in mind. The features of the socks prevent blisters and discomfort with the ankle shield padding. Riders can stay relaxed for the whole day with the cushioned footbed. The mesh panels perform two functions – ventilation and thin construction allow an easy fit underneath your jeans.

The Best Dang Socks

These socks are everything any rider can ask for. As the name implies, it is made with high-performance features like moisture-wicking, extra padding, and compression for more comfort even after being on the saddle for a long time. It is a perfect fit for your cowboy boots.

The mesh top offers breathability, and the compression band prevents shifting. It is long-lasting, durable, and comes in over the calf heights.

Over the Calf Peddies

They are made in fun and vibrant colors that will keep you in good spirits and comfortable all day. It has extra padding for protection, and it’s idle for extended usage. The moisture-wicking features ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long.

Like other riding gear, proper care should be taken of your socks. The good thing about noble equestrian socks is that it is durable and can be used for an extended time. However, you must ensure proper care while washing your socks to ensure it doesn’t lose their functionality.

  • Place in your washing machine and add a mild detergent
  • Ensure your washing machine water temperature is set to cold
  • Use a gentle cycle to wash your socks. If your washer has a wool setting, we recommend using that.
  • Wash with similar colors to avoid colors fading into your socks
  • Avoid using bleach or any harsh chemical substance
  • Allow them to air dry by hanging them or lying flat.
  • If you choose to tumble dry, set it to low.

We manufacture high-quality socks in various vibrant colors and lengths that give you a professional look. We are wholesale manufacturers with a short delivery time. Submit the contact form, and we will get back to you shortly.

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