How to Make Custom Socks and Upscale your Business

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Branded socks can leave a lasting impression on your customer. More so, professional marketers have identified custom socks as one of the best promotional products. Any business can leverage this by choosing an appealing design made of high-quality, long-lasting products.

Now, you may be wondering how to make custom socks. Well, it’s not that complicated. We make it easy for you to choose a design that reflects your brand’s image and vision. Everyone wears socks, and when you give out custom socks as a promotional item, you can rest assured that everyone will love to use them.

How to make custom socks

There’s a lot to consider before making custom socks. This is why it’s essential to work with the right partners. They make it easy for your business by giving clear and detailed information about custom socks making techniques, fiber types, and how to blend them to create the best styles.

Choose your materials

Here are some of the popular materials to choose from;


This is commonly used because it holds bright colors well. This man-made fiber is perfect for your custom socks and can fit any design.


Gotten from cashmere goat, this fiber is soft, luxurious, and perfect for your custom socks.


It’s a popular choice for custom socks. The fabric has natural moisture-wicking properties. This breathable and comfortable fabric comes in different types – recycled, organic, and combed cotton.


If you want to provide some elasticity in your custom socks, then you must include nylon. This fiber blends easily with others to provide durability and comfort.


This man-made fabric weaves in sparkly, metallic thread and provides special touch, and can provide a unique touch for your custom socks.

The type of fabric to choose will depend on your reason for making custom socks. For instance, custom socks for promotional products should be made with high quality and durable materials. On the other hand, if the custom socks are for the annual games in your company, you can create something entirely different.

Choose your length

Choosing the length of your custom socks is entirely a matter of preference. Different lengths range from no-show to knee-high socks. Knee socks make a more significant impression, so if you are trying to create awareness for your brand, we advise you choose a length that is visible to others. Crew socks are usually between the calf and the ankle.

While planning on making custom socks and the best length to choose, consider the patterns, prints, and emblems you plan to place on the socks.

Determine your sizing

Custom socks are ideal for corporate gifts. You don’t have to worry about sizing like with much other apparel. For instance, if you are shopping for T-shirt’s for men and women, it can be challenging to accommodate everyone’s size. However, socks sizes are universal, so you spend less time worrying about who your custom socks will fit.

Pick your color and print

After making the best choice regarding the fabric, length, and sizes, you will need to decide on the color. In this case, the color you pick will depend on your brand’s color, if you would like to add your company logo or any emblem, and the custom socks’ purpose.

You will need expert advice from custom sock experts like us to make the right choice. We understand how confusing this can be for many. That is why we offer support and answer all your questions about creating custom socks.

Decide on your packaging

You will want your custom socks to have the best packaging that stands out. You may decide to use a hand tag or go all out with a gift box with a beautiful ribbon and a custom card. Here, your budget plays a significant role. If the custom socks are a thank you gift for loyal customers, you need to go the extra mile to make a meaningful impact.

Place an order

Custom socks are easy to order. They are made within the shortest time. So, if time is not on your side, worry not. You can get your custom socks ready within a few weeks.

How custom socks are good for business

Create brand awareness

Not only are custom brand socks cool and long-lasting, but they can also drive awareness for your brand. You will need to include your company logo or name to get free adverts on the soles of your client for a long time.

Another reason why it’s essential to make stylish and durable socks is because your clients can wear them for a long time and create more awareness for your brand.

Some customers may even decide to gift your branded socks to friends in another country and further create visibility for your brand.

Create a brand identity

Giving custom socks to loyal customers as gifts creates an opportunity to connect with your customers. Customers who receive gift items from brands feel valued and, in return, think highly of the brand.

Promotional products like custom socks effectively create a brand identity and leave a lasting impression in the minds of their customers. Branded socks put your business in a class of its own.

Custom socks support team spirit

Making custom socks for your employees can also improve your business revenue. You can create team spirit and vibrant community in a work environment with the right gift like custom socks.

Aside from making them feel like a team, it helps employees stay productive and put their best foot forward. Consequently, your business can experience significant revenue growth when goals are achieved.

There are several reasons to order custom socks for your business. Whether as gifts for employees or promotional items for customers, you need the services of the best custom socks company.

We have an expert team fully equipped to make custom socks wholesale with durable and high-quality materials. Our services also cover the branding of different kinds of socks. Please contact us now for more information.


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