Best Ways to Use and Care for Sublimation Printing Socks

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Sublimation socks are a must-have for children and adults. They provide comfort for the feet and add style and personality to outfits. Sublimation printing socks are easily customized and offer sellers a high-profit potential. So, it benefits both the wholesalers and consumers.
Our sublimation printing socks are exactly what you need for quality, functionality, and efficiency. They are 100% polyester socks designed specifically for the sublimation printing process. Anyone thinking of upgrading their socks drawer always includes sublimation socks since they come in different styles and sizes.

The technology of sublimation printed socks

The dye sublimation technology dates back to 1957 and has been applied in socks production ever since. A special dye with sublimation characteristics is used to print the patterns on high–peel paper. Next, the paper and socks are compressed at a high temperature of about 200°.
This allows the solid pigment to be sublimated into gas molecules instantly. It will stick to the bonded polyester and other synthetic fibers allowing the colors to successfully transfer to the socks. Sublimation printing socks offer the following benefits, including
●A variety of colors and designs can be printed on the socks.
●The color or pattern transferred to the socks is long-lasting and durable
●There are no color limitations with sublimation printing socks, and the colors are reproduced in high intensity.
●The prints do not compromise the quality and functionality of the socks.
●The production process is simple.
●The printing technology used allows bulk print that can be accurately duplicated.
●It is eco-friendly and safe for everyone.
Our sublimation printing socks are of superior quality and withstand a rigorous care cycle. After spending a lot of time and effort to create an excellent design for your products, you need the necessary care and maintenance tips to share with your customers.
1. If you want your socks to last for a long time, ensure you keep your toenails short ad trim.
2. Follow the correct procedure as directed by the manufacturer when washing your socks. Throwing your socks in with the rest of your clothes leads to an accumulation of lint that will eventually damage your socks.
3. When washing, turn them inside out to preserve the outside smoothness and overall look.
4. Avoid using bleach or any harsh chemical to wash your soap. A small amount of detergent is sufficient to clean your socks.
Since production is fast and efficient, it is easy to customize white socks in various patterns and colors. The latest trend in high demand is face socks, and you can achieve this design with sublimation printing socks. It can serve different purposes, including the following.

Business Gifts

Sublimation socks make an excellent promotional product for your business. Not only is it affordable, but it will be loved by everyone. This is why many companies are taking advantage of this product to upscale their business and increase visibility. It is also a thoughtful gift for employees to promote team spirit and unity.

Gift for a loved one

sublimation printed socks

Generally, socks perform various functions, including keeping the feet warm and comfortable, absorbing moisture, and providing a cushion to pad the feet. Socks can also portray unique personalities and styles. This is why socks make an excellent gift for loved ones especially printed ones. So, whether it’s a colleague, parent, or spouse, you can never go wrong with gifting a pair of socks.
If you are interested in becoming an experienced dye-sublimation printer, we have a few tips that can help you. Many of our new sublimation customers go through a challenging time initially. And some of the common issues they experience include blurry or faded transfers. Here’s how to tackle this problem.

Why aren’t my transfers clear?

Often, the reason why your transfer could be dull or blurry is that you may not be printing on the correct side of the sublimation paper. To identify the right side, pick the side that is bright white. Also, ensure you are printing through the correct color correction program.
Blurry images could also result from too much time or temperature in the heat press, which allows the picture to bleed out. The best solution is to reduce the time and try again when this happens.

Why am I seeing small dots in my transfers?

Excess moisture can cause small dots to appear on the finished product of your socks. In this case, the best thing to do is to pre-press most substrates to help get all the moisture out. After the substrates cool down, you can place your transfers on and press.

Why are my images coming out faded?

Again, image fading can result from too much time, temperature, or pressure. The best solution is to double-check the manufacturers’ recommended settings of your sublimation blanks. You can also check the temperature of the top plate on your press and ensure it aligns with the stated temperature.

Why is my image ghosting?

Ghostly is a common occurrence in the sublimation process and is undeniably unsettling. It occurs when the second version of your transfer appears like a shadow. Ghosting is due to a shift in the sublimation paper, especially when you open or close your heat press.
It is recommended to use thermal tape for rigid substrates and adhesive spray for fabrics. The transfer paper should be removed immediately after pressing. Avoid auto-open press that may cause the paper to shift if not taped down well enough.

Why is my substrate not accepting sublimation ink?

Not all products will accept sublimation ink. Ensure your product blank is polyester since it is the most suitable material for sublimation socks. All our sublimation blanks are 100% white polyester for best transfer.
Sublimation printing socks are here to stay because of the numerous benefits it offers. We offer high-quality and affordable socks if you want to start a socks business or make a bulk purchase.
Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a team of highly professional and committed staff. We can customize your order and respond to every customer on time. Please contact us now for more information.

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