Custom Basketball Socks

custom printed basketball socks.

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Model Number: HS410305-1
Material: 96%polyester, 4%spandex
Technics: Printed
Length: Crew
Color: Customized
Packing: Label+Hook+OPP bag
MOQ: 500pairs per design/color/size

The main difference between basketball socks and other types of socks is that custom basketball socks have special cushions at the base. These socks are excellent for the basketball team as they help boost team spirit and team pride. The socks aid the basketball player’s performance on the court and reduce the chances of injury when playing in a tournament or for fun.

Some basketball players would rather have a personal style and request custom basketball socks that come with features representing their team’s branding. This is why it is best to have access to the best custom basketball socks. The socks can be knee-high and fit perfectly.

Also, the custom sublimated basketball socks are perfect for teams that need to have a customized design or photo printed on the socks. The custom basketball socks we sell are perfect for sublimated prints, which look vivid and can hardly fade during use.

These socks sell out fast at a great price, and our company has established a procedure to start production immediately after we receive the orders for bulk.

Where to Get Personalized Basketball Socks

What you need is a source of personalized basketball socks that is durable and comes in multiple sizes. We are your best source of these socks, with a reasonable lead time of three to four weeks, depending on your order. You can get the best pairs of basketball socks for your basketball team and order them according to the team colors.

Our company sells these custom basketball socks with a minimum order of 500 pairs, and we can accept rush orders when necessary. You will find several custom basketball socks online, but it is not a good idea to patronize random brands. Buy all the socks you need from us.

Our customer rating is excellent, and these socks always sell out, making them the best investment for anyone who wants to grow their team pride with durable and high-performance personalized basketball socks.

Are There Risks of Wearing Double Socks During Basketball Sessions?

It is best to wear only one pair of socks at a time when playing basketball. You may put yourself at risk of injury when wearing multiple layers of basketball socks. This is not a good idea because the extra sock layer lowers breathability and may cause smelly feet.

Instead of wearing two pairs of socks when you need to play a game of basketball, it is a good idea to buy and invest in one good pair of basketball socks. Our products are excellent, and you can rely on them to work perfectly when playing your favorite sports activity.

Are Crew Socks Best for Basketball Players?

A good tip you should consider when looking for the best custom socks to wear during a basketball game is buying products with the crew sock length. The crew socks are most adequate for basketball players for many reasons. We have written some of them below.

The crew socks are breathable and allow moisture wicking, which is good for anyone who actively plays sports every day. Also, the socks are cushioned, which provides stability needed to enjoy a basketball game. The socks also have the best length and tight cuffs. This means the socks will remain drawn up to your calves when you wear them for a game of basketball.

Overall, the crew socks are the perfect design for basketball socks to create a positive physical appearance, and they can accommodate the brand’s logo, which is great for team branding.

How to Prevent Blisters When Playing Basketball

Basketball socks are notably crew length instead of knee high and thicker than socks used for other sports. The best way to prevent blisters when playing your favorite basketball game is by wearing these products from our company. They are thick custom basketball socks that can provide the best cushion. The custom socks are comfortable and thick enough to keep your feet protected from blisters.

It is essential that every member of the team has one of these outstanding custom socks that have been particularly designed for the basketball team. The socks are top quality and made from the best materials. They also feature amazing pattern designs and styles to impress the community and all audiences.

Product Description – Custom Sublimated Basketball Socks

These custom-printed basketball socks are attractive and suitable for a wide audience. The material used for production will always feel good against the skin, and the quality is amazing.

Here are the top features of these knitted socks used for the sport, so many people love watching and playing:

Sock Length

These are the typical crew socks that reach the mid-calves when stretched to the fullest. The socks have the best elastic cuffs that hold them firm up. The crew sock design is versatile and also feels comfortable and cushioned at the foot and around the leg.


The socks are made from 96% polyester and 4% spandex. This is a perfect blend of materials that makes the custom sublimated basketball socks stretchy and breathable. The material used to make them is also an assurance that the socks will last for a long time.

Sublimated Print Finishing

These basketball socks have an attractive design since the sublimated printing is sharp, and the images or patterns printed on the socks are visible for anyone to see. The sublimated printing will not fade away after washing, which is a huge advantage for all users.

Customized Colors

The colors of these socks are customized and can match the team’s brand. You can request customized colors when placing an order for these products.

The minimum order quantity for these products is 500 pairs of custom sublimated basketball socks. We can provide a complete service and ensure fast delivery. Also, our pricing model is the best.

Order Online

You can order these custom basketball socks online via our site. All you have to do is send us a customer contact form to get these products delivered to your location anywhere in the world.


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