Custom Embroidered Socks

Sinoknit embroidery sport socks with personalised patterns, create your own socks with fancy and crazy ideas!

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Having a reliable source of custom socks is always a great idea. This is why we established our company to provide top-quality custom socks with the best design elements. The custom socks are comfortable, durable, and affordable when you order in bulk. We also focus on meeting the target audience’s needs by selling embroidered socks with the perfect yarn composition.

Custom Embroidered Socks

Each pair of socks comes with customized options for a wide range of clients, and they are perfect for a team interested in showing their unique style. The designer will appreciate the surface area on these products to create socks with a unique logo and price for the end customers.

What Determines the Cost of Embroidered Custom Socks?

It is always best to buy these custom socks from a brand like ours because we try our best to offer the best shipping costs. This means you can get excellent cost deals without compromising on quality.

There are other factors that can influence the cost of an embroidery sock, such as:


The source of sock material can influence the cost end users pay for them. You can find embroidered socks within different ranges for a team or other customers. Products made from high-quality cotton and other material blends may tend to be more expensive compared to other products. You will also find embroidery designs made for a luxury class, which can be quite expensive.

We believe every pair of custom socks should have a high quality and reasonable price. This is why you should buy embroidered socks from us and expect fast delivery.

Physical Features of the Custom Socks

Some custom socks are thick, and others are thinner. The thick socks tend to be more expensive than other types. Some companies sell thick socks as a marketing strategy, but we ensure our socks have the actual features the end users like.

Customer Reviews

It is also essential for custom socks to have the best customer reviews on the market. This is a great advantage because more people will be ready to buy your products at a good price when the customer reviews are positive.

Factors that influence customer reviews include the performance, packaging, shipping arrangement, and other fashionable details of the sock brand.

Can Custom Socks be Printed?

One of the reasons why embroidery custom socks are bestsellers is that you can customize them further by printing them. The design elements will depend on the buyer’s ideas for printing. Also, the details should match the embroidery theme used in other parts of the socks for design.

You can create almost any design on these socks, which is why it is best to communicate your ideas clearly for the best results.

The printing process is quite complicated, so only trained production engineers must do the customized process if necessary. However, you can rely on our services for the best results if you need to further customize your socks to match your branding plan.

Advantages of Buying Custom Embroidered Socks

There are many reasons why these custom sock styles are in high demand. The customers write excellent reviews after using the socks. Also, they are created to feature any company logo, which helps to give the brand more visibility on the commercial scene.

Here are the top reasons to buy and invest in these custom embroidered socks:

Customize with Fancy Crazy Ideas

You almost have no limits when thinking about crazy and unique ideas to customize your socks. The sock length is perfect, so you can create the designs to be included in the sock design. Because we use the best production team, the artwork is always flawless, and any image features are clear.

Comfortable Socks

These socks reach the crew length, while some may be longer. This is great for using them as sports socks for a team.

Budget Friendly Socks

Bulk orders for this product are always budget-friendly. This is why they are the best investment options for wholesalers.

Different Colors and Sizes

It is easy to meet varying market demands because these sock models come in different sizes. They are perfect for adults and kids.

Product Description – Custom Embroidered Socks

These socks are super comfortable and suitable for sports shoes. The material is breathable and durable. You won’t regret buying any of these socks for personal use or for a team.

Here are the top features:

Sports Socks with Personalized Patterns

The excellent embroidery process allows us to personalize each sock for the end users. The personalized patterns are vivid and can display the logo that wholesale buyers need.

Knitted Design

These socks are well knitted, making them last longer. The pair of knitted socks are comfortable and provide warmth during cold weather. The designer ensures the knitting is perfect for maintaining the company’s quality standards.

Material Combination

The durable material is a combination of 80% cotton, 17% nylon, and 3% spandex. This guarantees the sock quality and suitability for different skin types.

Crew Length Socks

These are the perfect crew-length socks for high performance. The knitted design matches all types of sports shoes, and the socks have tight cuffs that hold up straight when it is worn.

Color Options

These products have different color options giving you a wide range to choose from. The colors can match your preferred logo design and sock quality for a team. Having custom color options helps promote a better experience for businesses that want to buy socks in bulk.

Minimum Order

The minimum order quantity for these custom embroidery socks is 500 pairs. This ensures all investors can buy and earn significant income over time.

These socks come in proper packaging and can be shipped to all parts of the world without issues. The packaging includes a hook, an OPP bag, and a label.

Order Custom Embroidered Socks in Bulk

Embroidered Socks

Send us your customer contact form to place an order for a batch of these outstanding products. We operate a fast delivery system and ensure proper checks to give you the best experience with us.


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custom embroidered sport socks

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80%cotton, 17%nylon, 3%spandex








Label+Hook+OPP bag


500pairs per design/color/size

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