What are Yoga Socks

What are yoga socks

The ground non-slip socks for yoga and fitness are mostly woven with moisture-absorbing materials, and some products are made of new quick-drying materials. The moisture absorption, quick-drying and durability are greatly improved. The traditional yoga socks use special-purpose hair-grabbing structure at the bottom, which can make the feet in the fitness exercise have the effect of buffering and shock absorption; the yoga fitness socks are endowed on the reverse side. The spot-like plastic point anti-slip particles can reasonably prevent the practitioners from slipping their feet when doing postures, and maintain the safety of the practitioners.

Why wear yoga socks

There are several situations. The first is to wear in winter. The first is to keep warm. It is recommended to choose yoga socks with loops, which are relatively thick, and the loops can be used to absorb shock. The anti-skid particles on the soles of the feet can not only play a role in anti-slip, And you can massage your feet. The second is to wear in summer. Summer yoga socks are mainly used for sweat absorption and anti-skid. It is recommended to choose pure cotton breathable socks, and it is best to choose yoga socks with open insteps. This will not only have a good air dispersal effect, but also have better sweat absorption performance of pure cotton. The third situation is that many yoga studios share yoga mats, which tend to breed bacteria. For personal hygiene, it is recommended to wear yoga socks.

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