Personalized Trampoline Grip Socks

Người mẫu: HS400180 Loại:

Get some air jump inc socks.

Mục: Custom Trampoline Socks
Số mô hình: HS400180
Vật chất: 96%polyester, 4%spandex
kỹ thuật: dệt kim
Chiều dài: Mắt cá
Màu sắc: tùy chỉnh
đóng gói: túi OPP
Moq: 500 cặp cho mỗi thiết kế/màu sắc/kích thước

Anti Grip

The personalized trampoline grip socks are ideal for toddlers and older kids. The anti-grip features at the bottom of the socks make them safe for children. They can avoid dangerous falls on smooth ground or surfaces while playing on the trampoline or in the playground.

Breathable Material

It is made from the finest quality of polyester and spandex, creating a perfectly soft, breathable, and comfortable blend. Little children will enjoy an active day without feeling bruised from jumping around while wearing personalized trampoline grip socks.

By wearing our trampoline socks, you can avoid funky smells from the feet due to sweat. More so, the materials are moisture-wicking. This keeps the feet snug and dry all day long.


The trampoline socks can be used regularly without losing value because they are durable materials, ensuring extended usage. Furthermore, it is multifunctional and can be worn to the playground or park.

Available in Vibrant Colors

These personalized trampoline socks are particularly appealing to children due to the bright colors they are available in. These knitted ankle-length socks get every child excited because of the bright colors. The colors are suitable for boys and girls. They can complement various outfits helping little children look stylish while staying safe and protected.

có thể tùy chỉnh

The best thing about personalized trampoline socks is that you can include your company name, logo, or message. The socks can also be manufactured in your chosen color. So, if you are a park owner, it presents an excellent opportunity to buy wholesale and personalize your order.

Wholesale and Customer Support

We offer fast shipping to any part of the world. It is a perfect gift idea and can be bought wholesale for your trampoline park in a minimum order of 500 pieces. We have a team of customer care representatives to guide you through the order process. Contact us now for more information. 


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