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Người mẫu: HS410267 Loại:

White background color socks for sublimation

Mục: Vớ thăng hoa trống
Số mô hình: HS410267
Vật chất: 96%polyester, 4%spandex
kỹ thuật: Phi hành đoàn
Chiều dài: Quarter
Màu sắc: tùy chỉnh
đóng gói: OPP bag
Moq: 500 cặp cho mỗi thiết kế/màu sắc/kích thước

You can sublime different types of socks but that may be a wrong decision because not all socks can give the best sublimation results.

Sublimation socks are generally created by printing designs or logos on the socks. This is done to create awareness, improve the socks’ design, or enhance sales. However, for the best results, which should always be about making more money from sales, you should use high-quality socks when you want to do blank sublimation.

Your focus should be on the customer and what they need. Many customers like colorful socks, and others may like deals that allow them to create blank sublimation socks to suit their brand. Whatever you need, we can provide the best sublimation socks for your target market.

Why Buy Sublimation Socks from Us

If you need a reliable company to get wholesale orders for high-quality blank socks suitable for sublimation, we are your best choice. Send us your details by filling out the customer contact form to order.

Here are other reasons you should buy these socks from us:

Attention to Detail

Our production team will chat with you to create the best sock samples reflecting what you need and send accurate supplies. We ensure the team understands what you need before starting the production process.

Excellent Customer Reviews

We ensure you will get the best batch of blank sublimation socks delivered to your location. Our extensive customer reviews stand out as proof that we are good at this job.

Fast Shipping

After completing your order, we ensure the logistics team follows standard procedures to ship out your products quickly.

Multiple Features

The blank socks for sublimation printing have multiple features that make the products bestsellers at a good price.

Product Description

Shop with us today. You can browse our site to view and fill your cart with these outstanding socks and other items. Here are the main features of our blank sublimation socks:

Unique Design

The socks have an excellent design, with a black sole, and the upper part is white. This makes it easy to match the socks with different fashion combinations.

Crew Sock Length

These are crew socks that reach the mid-calf region, with a quarter length. Also, the socks have cuffs that hold firm around the calves, so it remains upright, creating a good look when you wear them with sports shoes.

Vật liệu

These socks are super-durable because they are made of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. This combo is the reason why users get more value for the price.

Easy Customization

You can customize the socks with logos or branding designs to boost your company’s public awareness. There is enough space on the socks to sign or add cool designs.

Order in Bulk Today

You don’t need to login or have an account to order, all you have to do is fill out and send us your customer contact form, and we will start the process. The lowest number of supplies you can carry is 500 pairs, which is reasonable.

Chat with us about these items to know the best deals in the shop. We always guarantee the best price.


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