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Skyline trampoline park socks

Öğe: Custom Trampoline Park Socks
Model numarası: HS400170
Malzeme: 96%polyester, 4%spandex
Teknikler: Örme
Uzunluk: Bilek
Renk: Özelleştirilmiş
Paketleme: OPP torba
Adedi: Tasarım/renk/boyut başına 500 çift

High-Quality Material 

The custom trampoline park socks in bulk are made from 96% polyester and 4% spandex. These materials are breathable, stretchy, and allow enjoyable wear for little children. The socks are designed to comfort the entire feet and allow your toes to move freely. Children can run around the playground or jump on the trampoline safely. 

Anti Slip

Slipping is the most common type of injury on a trampoline. This is why part of the custom trampoline park socks design includes anti-slip protection at the bottom of the socks. This ensures all-around security and safety for your little one by preventing falls and slips. 

Vibrant Colors

Custom trampoline park socks can be purchased in bulk in various bright colors appealing to children. These colors are suitable for boys and girls and add style and personality to their outfits.

Happy Time Guaranteed

These socks protect the kids from falling and keep their feet clean and tidy. This way, children are comfortable enough to have a happy and memorable time on the trampoline or park.

Moisture Wicking

The moisture-wicking properties of these socks ensure your little one’s feet stay protected and dry. The breathable materials allow the toes to move comfortably. It also provides the feet with a luxurious and soft feel.

Wide Application

Our trampoline socks are suitable for other occasions. It can be worn to the park or at home since it is safe, comfortable, and exciting for kids to have such beautiful colors. 

Wholesale Purchase

Due to their excellent safety features and high-quality materials, our socks can be ordered in bulk by entertainment parks. The custom trampoline park socks in the bulk purchase can also be customized. We have the best team to work with you regarding your preferred colors and texts for your bulk order.


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