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Discover a new level of comfort and warmth with our cozy slipper socks, designed for those who value both style and comfort.

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These cozy slipper socks, model HS700088-6, in a delightful shade of pink, are perfect for lounging around your cabin or home, enveloping your feet in a soft, cozy embrace.

The color can be customized to suit your preferences, providing a personal touch to this essential comfort wear.

Crafted with 99% polyester and 1% spandex, our cozy slipper socks combine durability with flexibility.

The high percentage of polyester gives the socks their long-lasting wear, while the touch of spandex ensures they adapt perfectly to the shape of your feet, offering you a comfortable fit.

These socks’ precise knitting process translates into them with a luxuriously soft texture and superior warmth.

Designed as crew-length socks, they offer versatility and can be paired with various footwear styles. Also, the size can be customized to cater to your needs.

Additionally, the packaging is given careful attention to ensure the socks reach you in perfect condition.

Each pair is neatly packed with a label and a hook and then securely enclosed in an OPP bag. And we maintain a minimum order quantity of 2000 pairs per design, color, and size.

Thus, these socks are the perfect choice for a delightful blend of comfort and style; contact us today!

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