Носки с пушистыми кошками

Модель: HS700072 Категория:

3D animal socks custom.

Номер модели: HS700072
Материал: 99%полиэстер, 1%sпандекс
Техника: Вязаный
Длина: Экипаж
Цвет: Индивидуальные
Упаковка: Этикетка+крюк+мешок OPP
Минимальный заказ: 5000pairs per design/color/size

Your fashion style doesn’t have to be too serious, everyone should have a pair of these fuzzy cat socks for indoors, and they can be worn with shoes or slippers. The 3D animated design on these socks makes them stand out. The fuzzy cat socks are also easy to maintain and super comfortable.

Носки с пушистыми кошками

Who Can Wear Fuzzy Cat Socks?

Everyone can use these socks with exceptional details. This is why they are bestsellers. The fuzzy cat socks are excellent gifts for a wide range of demographics, including young children.

You should check out the excellent shipping offers and more payment options for purchases you buy from our shop.

The customer reviews for our brand of fuzzy cat socks are also excellent. Everyone likes them. You can search our site and place bulk orders for these socks. We guarantee fast pickup.

Product Description – Fuzzy Cat Socks

After adding fuzzy cat socks to your cart, buy and complete the transaction with more payment options; we have added them for your convenience. These cat socks always sell out fast, so they are an outstanding investment. Here are the top fuzzy cat socks features:


The material combination for these fuzzy cat socks is given as 99% polyester and 1% spandex. This is an excellent combination for durability, and the socks keep your feet warm.

Sock Design

These are excellently knitted fuzzy cat socks that come at an affordable price. The knitted design also indicates that these socks last longer and keeps your feet warm.

Длина носка

The length of these socks reaches the user’s calves, which puts them in the crew socks category. You can check out the different stock patterns after drawing the cat socks to their full length.


Shipping and pickup are fast and easy because of the excellent packaging. The packaging features a label, a hook, and an OPP bag to hold the fuzzy cat socks.

The custom animal socks are lightweight, so the shipping cost is low. They are the best gifts for people who love cats. Also, the proper production process reduces the chances of error, so every order package brings value.

The minimum order quantity for these stock socks is 5,000 pairs at an affordable price.

пушистые носки

Order in Bulk

The customer reviews are excellent, and you can easily navigate our site to order. Check the settings for shipping and pick up, or send us your customer contact form to order these fuzzy cat socks in bulk.



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