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The Production Process Of Trampoline Socks


We Manufacture Custom Trampoline Socks Since 2004

Looking for the perfect combination of safety, style, comfort, and performance?

These Personalized Trampoline Socks come with breathable material(96% polyester, 4% spandex) and extra features like bottom anti-slip design, ankle grip & traction, and protect your skin from dirt & blisters.

Featuring a black colored with pink-toned transparent gel lightweight grip socks, which gives impressive performance & gives a decent situating impact on the trampoline. These sewed grasp socks are a fundamental dynamic amusement item for keeping up with wellbeing and security guidelines in trampoline / subject / water parks. On the off chance that you don’t wear the socks explicitly intended for trampoline sports, it will prompt issues like slipping on the trampoline and simple foot wounds. The grippers at the sole of lower leg length trampoline socks give a super grasp to fall counteraction while strolling and running on smooth surfaces. Our non-slip trampoline socks are designed in a sock body given a printed non-slip region at the bottom part of the sock body.

Anti-slip socks are also known as Non-Skid Grip Socks and are mainly used as Trampoline Parks Socks. Extensively requested on the lookout, these items are exceptionally acclaimed for their high strength, solidness, premium quality, and a solid plan. These socks are made up of regular cotton, comfortable and breathable assists with retaining sweat and keep feet dry. These socks upgrade equilibrium, strength and permit you to securely rehearse. The base is with a circled heap plan, which supports buffering and shock assimilation.

Our socks are likewise extraordinary for when you do yoga on tricky surfaces like tile floors or even covers. Non-slip socks give more holds and footing on dangerous surfaces. Your amazing friend for doing yoga pilates which permits more secure practice, fall counteraction, and upgrades balance during exercise. These excellent non-slip Grip Socks vibe incredible on your feet. It provides an extremely compelling hold to the foot.

Know why it’s recommended?

This will keep you safe: The trampoline is made of PP nylon material. Due to sweat, the surface gets smooth & slippery. Non-slip given at the bottom of the trampoline socks will increase resistance.

This will save your feet: Trampoline socks can protect the bottoms of your feet from long haul bouncing, and can moreover safeguard your toes from being stuck on the trampoline.

This will keep your hygiene intact: Everybody’s feet sweat can influence the cleanliness of such trampolines more regrettable. It’s prescribed to wear non-slip trampoline socks.

Great grip: It has silicone embeds on the base that considers added hold and forestalls slippage.

It is available in custom colors and comes with OPP packaging, keeping it odor-free & hygienic. We manufacture products using high-quality material and contemporary machines in tune with the set international quality norms.

Since 2004, We supply and manufacture a variety of custom trampoline socks in a professional way, making your playtime even better. The offered item is accessible in various examples/sizes/details to satisfy the assorted requests of our lofty customers but we accept a minimum order quantity of 500 custom pairs per design/color/size.

Have fun with happy feet! 🙂

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